We understand that many uncertainties related to the current public health crisis remain, and we are all unsure of exactly what the 2020-2021 school year will look like. However, to best prepare for the fall and ensure that available SPP spaces can be filled by the families that need them, we are moving forward with our enrollment process. We will keep families apprised of any changes or developments that occur within the program as a result of new public guidance.
  • When will I know if my preschool program will be open for in-person learning?

  • If classrooms open, what safety measures will be in place to protect students and teachers from the risk of exposure to COVID-19?

  • How will tuition be affected by possible changes to programming?

  • If in-person classes are not possible, are there remote learning options for my child?

  • Can I enroll in family-directed remote learning now but move to in-person learning later when my needs/work schedule changes?

  • What is the family-directed remote learning schedule? Will any of it be one-on-one?

  • I’m on the waitlist. Are there any sites offering “Family-directed remote learning” that I could enroll in for now?

  • Can my child attend preschool completely remotely?

  • If my child is attending remotely, what are the technical requirements or supplies we should have?

  • What supports will be available for heritage language-speaking students in remote learning?

  • What does a “hybrid schedule” look like?

  • What does attendance look like this year, especially for Family-Directed remote learning?

  • What are the class sizes for in-person learning?

  • How do I know which providers are offering which type of services?

  • Why are some providers operating in person and others aren’t?

  • If my provider is offering services/schedules that don’t meet my needs, what should I do?

  • Will preschool be full day for in-person services?

  • Are any preschools offering part-time services during COVID?