Waitlist FAQ

  • 1. Is there a waitlist?


    Yes. Parents who submit applications between March 15th and April 22nd will be included in priority selection, which means they will be notified before May 31st if they have been selected for the following September. Any applications received after April 22nd will be added directly to the waitlist for each SPP location.

  • 2. When do kids on the waitlist get offers?


    Children who are on the waitlist will be offered seats as soon as they are available after the priority selection period.

  • 3. Where do I fall on the waitlist?

    Students are placed on a waitlist for each preschool on your application.
    Students are placed on the waitlist in order of the program priorities.
    • Children experiencing homelessness or in foster care will be placed first
    • 4-year-olds will be placed over 3-year-olds
    • o Children who live in the elementary or middle school zones for a preschool will get priority over students who live outside of those boundaries (To determine your neighborhood school, visit Seattle Public Schools’ address lookup tool.)
    • Three-year-olds who do not live in the attendance zone of a school will get priority if their household FPL is below 350% or they speak a heritage language.