Waitlist FAQ

  • Is there a waitlist?


    We select students to enroll in SPP for the beginning of a program year (in September) through selection rounds. To have your child included in a selection round, you must apply within the application period for that round. (See website for application round deadlines.)


    If an application has been received by round 1 selection deadline, but that child is not selected and assigned to a preschool during round 1, they are automatically entered into round 2 selection.


    If you apply after the round 1 selection deadline, but before the round 2 selection deadline, your child’s application will be active for round 2 selection.


    Any application received after the Round 2 deadline will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist is created after round 2 and will include all children from Rounds 1 and 2 who were not selected, as well as any new applicants who apply throughout the year. A child’s place on the waitlist is determined by the date the parent applied.