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Welcome to the Enrollment section of the Seattle Preschool Program!

If your child has been selected for SPP, you will see their name below and an in-progress enrollment status!  Enrollment into the Seattle Preschool Program can be completed in just a few steps beginning on the next page.


If you do not see your child's name with an "In-progress" status below, your child has not been selected however the application remains active for future placement opportunities.


To enroll in the Seattle Preschool Program, parents or guardians are required to submit documentation verifying eligibility. Areas of eligibility include, City of Seattle residency, child age, and parent/guardian income. The information you supply helps us ensure the program is serving eligible children who are Seattle residents. You will be able to upload documentation near the end of the enrollment process.


Make sure to carefully read information on each page before proceeding.


Select the arrow and 'Edit' your enrollment.

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